Friday, September 28, 2018

Keep Your Kids on a Healthy Track This Halloween

October is bookend with some pretty important dates for kids. The first Monday in October is National Child Health Day and the last day is, of course, Halloween. Two important dates for two very different reasons.

It’s important for kids to be aware of their health at a young age, but when an occasion like Halloween comes around, few kids are worried about their health! They’re thinking more about which costume they want to wear and how much candy they can collect in one night.

While National Child Health Day and Halloween might only occur once a year, teaching your kids to stay healthy year-round in an important lesson to adopt. Sadly, many kids are plagued with plaque and can even develop gum disease before they lose all their baby teeth!

So what is a parent to do? You certainly don’t want to completely skip out on the festivities with your kids! There is a simple solution that benefits more than just your child’s health: Gilchrist Dental Care's Candy buyback program!

Each year, Gilchrist Dental Care provides a drop-off point for kids to return their extra candy after halloween. In exchange, they will receive $1 per pound of candy (limit 5 pounds), a new toothbrush, and will be entered to win great prizes. Kids can still enjoy trick or treating and get some candy, then enjoy a some spending money!

What do we do with all that candy? The candy we buy back is shipped to Operation Gratitude and donated to soldiers serving in active duty.

To participate in our annual Candy Buy Back, bring your unopened, uneaten candy to Gilchrist Dental Care in Stevens Point on November 1st between 4–6 pm.

Keep your kids on a healthy track, give back to our active military members, and most importantly, have a very happy halloween with Gilchrist Dental Care!